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Zooming Moms, Incorporated is a Social Support Club primarily supported by dues, fees, or similar charges paid by members. Members receive social and recreational support virtually and/or in-person.


Zooming Moms, Inc. offers a supportive and therapeutic community open to all women who believe in motherhood. The purpose of the club is for members to support one another through the storms they may encounter personally and professionally. Women are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone. Women become Zooming Moms, women rapidly enhancing their lifestyles and evolving together. Zooming Moms are motivated to reach their full-potential. Zooming Moms are encouraged to connect with other like-minded women from different walks of life around the world in hope that they build lifelong connections. 


Zooming Moms, Inc. guides women to a unique MOTHER-SISTERhood like no other. The Zooming Moms community is a place where women can enjoy life together through in-person and virtual events, group sessions, trips, and retreats. Together women will learn how to retreat themselves, reciprocate love and support and engage in therapy in disguise.


Zooming Moms have the ability to engage in virtual and in-person therapeutic gatherings that will change their lifestyle for the better and grow their business if they have one. Women will have the opportunity to give and receive support, network, socialize, fellowship, and collaborate with Zooming Moms, Inc. and other interested businesses.


How the SHIP got started






Background History


on November 16, 2020


Shenaya “Nay” Martin-Johnson


Founding Members

Rosie Bass

Sharon Robinson

Kenyanda Reddy


After many dark days stuck in the bed, Nay decided to challenge herself to meet other new moms and build a connection. She strived hard to step outside a comfort zone she created after losing her twins Asha and Belle October 22, 2019. 


After the death of her twins, Nay went into a dark place. She lost her energy to socialize with others and pursue her dreams. Nay felt like “life was over.” She would go to work, go home, eat, and lay in bed. Her life was on repeat. She and her husband did not participate in any group gatherings or holiday celebrations. 


For New Years Eve 2019, Nay and her husband took a trip to Montreal, Canada. The trip was very calm, cozy and therapeutic. They explored Montreal’s traditional entrees. They ate take-out and dined in at local restaurants. They went sightseeing and shopped in local stores. They enjoyed the hotel amenities and free libation. The trip allowed them to become mindful of each other and life in general. They were able to clear their mind, refocus and gain energy to strive for a new future. Upon their return from Montreal, they began to get out of the house more. They started accepting invites to gatherings with friends again. They tried hard to visualize and strive for a brighter future.


By February, Nay and her husband were getting dressed up, leaving the house and trying their best to smile and socialize with others. Later that month, Nay received news from her doctor that she was pregnant again. This was bittersweet news. It was exciting that they were able to conceive another child naturally since Nay and her husband struggled with fertility before having their twins. They were told that they had a slim chance of conceiving naturally; however, they conceived their twins naturally. So now at this moment, three months after the premature labor and death of their twins, they were anxious about beginning another pregnancy journey. It became a war between celebrating and grieving. 

Life became complicated and once again hard to balance. The world hit a pandemic. It was unsafe and shutting down. Anxious to save her new baby and her life since she was struggling to survive with Multiple Sclerosis, Scleroderma, Asthma, Vitiligo and a long list of underlying conditions Nay resigned from her position as a Milieu director on April 24, 2020. By August 11, 2020, Nay was experiencing another premature labor. With the grace of god she and her baby survived labor. Her son Logic, born at 30 weeks and 1 day, weighing 2lbs and 13.7oz spent 43 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 


Nay and her husband were presented with the challenge to adapt to a new lifestyle. They had to become familiar with their community as they had begun moving into a new house in a new city 11 days before going into premature labor. They had to learn and adjust to being parents with a baby in the NICU and Nay becoming a stay-at-home wife/mom while her husband continued to commute an hour away to work. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride. They were constantly worried about Nay’s health, their son Logic’s health and still grieving the loss of their twins.


After Logic was released from the hospital September 23, 2020, that is when Nay began to challenge herself to connect with other mothers online. She began accepting invites to join “support groups” through Facebook. After many misunderstandings, Nay found herself getting kicked out of a lot of the groups on Facebook, so she found her courage and the confidence to create her own group. Day by day her passion drew stronger to address mental health in womanhood and to exemplify genuine love and support from one woman to another. Nay felt there was a need to service women to treat their mental health; however, she knew it had to be unique and engaging. Nay was back on a mission to inspire and encourage women. Nay wants to guide as many women as the Lord allows them out of their comfort zones and into the lifestyle that they desire.  unite women to exemplify genuine women-to-women support and sisterhood.


After feeling excluding out of her son’s early intervention group, still being blocked and kicked out of groups and declined a job offer on top of typical life stressors as a new parent with fairly new health diagnosis in a new city, Nay began to take her role as the Founder of Zooming Moms more serious. Nay set out to transition Zooming Moms from being a private group on Facebook to a 501(c)7 non-profit social recreational club for ALL women who believe in motherhood. 


Nay hosted three informational casting her vision of what Zooming Moms Social Support Club Membership would look like. She asked founding members to contribute $378 to get the business started. Seven women submitted the enrollment fee to become founding members. After close discussion and consideration, four of those women went on to pursue their own future endeavors while Rosie, Sharon, and Kenyanda committed to joining Nay on her MOMship to a unique and upcoming MOTHER-SISTERhood experience that would help women grow personally and professionally. Nay facilitated many virtual sessions, providing the founding members with the services and perks offered in their membership package. The founding members provided their feedback about their experience. Together Nay, Rosie, Sharon, and Kenyanda developed Zooming Moms, Inc. - Social Support Club. They are the Initial Crew of the MOMship Membership. They continue to meet at least once a month to manage and enhance Zooming Moms Inc. brand and services.

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