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Sharon Robinson

I’m Sharon Robinson, a member with this AWESOME group called Zooming Moms. I am a humanitarian who loves to help people, its my passion I love to laugh just a happy go lucky kind of girl who is happy when I bring happiness to someone else.

My Story

My name is Sharon Robinson. I was born in Jamaica. I migrated to America at the age of 17 where I lived in Queens, New York until now.  I graduated high school, some college then went on to do nursing, however I did not finish. 


I have a beautiful 23 year old daughter and the eldest of seven siblings, I’m a wife, an aunt, a friend, and an entrepreneur but most importantly I am a God fearing human being who loves the lord.  I’ve worked in home care, did credit repair, life insurance and currently working with the mentally challenged population. 


I am involved in different charities, I also sponsor and mentor people who want to become entrepreneurs.  I also am a director in this amazing company that I’m in partnership with called Total Life Changes, where I’m making a difference in changing people’s lives physically, emotionally and financially.  I give more than what is expected, I love my life and I am extremely grateful to Nay the Founder of this organization for the opportunity to serve and grow.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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