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Testimonies About Zooming Moms, Inc.

Founder & Captain Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
State: Massachusetts
Region: Northeast

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Master's in Social Worker

About Our Social Support Club

Zooming Moms, Incorporated is a Global Non-profit Social Support Club registered under a 501(c)(7). Members are provided social and recreational opportunities to grow. We are growing a MOTHER-SISTERhood that focuses on MOTHERHOOD, MENTAL HEALTH, & MOMPRENUERSHIP.

Zooming Moms, Inc. offers a supportive and therapeutic community open to all women. The purpose of the club is for members to support one another before, during and after storms they may encounter personally and professionally.


Women are motivated to reach their full-potential. Members are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones so they can rapidly enhance their lifestyles and connect with other women from around the world. Members have the opportunity to engage in virtual and in-person events. Members will learn how to retreat themselves, reciprocate love and support and engage in therapy in disguise so they can evolve together.


is for each one to teach one and each one to support one.


is for women to step outside their comfort zones, unite, and evolve together.


is Motherhood, Mental Health, and Momprenuership


Women are provided general support, parenting tools, tips and opportunities to socialize with other mothers from different walks of life from around the world in hope to learn how to balance their personal and professional life, enhance their social life and gain their own crew of accountability partners.

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Women are encouraged to practice healthy habits and participate in therapeutic in disguise events and activities to treat and maintain a healthy mind.

Disclaimer: We advise all members to seek professional help with a licensed physician to receive accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.


Mothers are provided tools, general support and marketing opportunities to grow their business, manage their personal & professional life and to network & socialize to possibly collaborate with other Momprenuers.

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Loyalty - Be respectful, honest, trustworthy and faithful to Zooming Moms, Inc. and all fellow Mates. We are not here to compete; instead, to be one another's supporters and keepers. 

Reciprocity - Reciprocate love and support. Each one teach one, each one support one.


Retreat - Withdraw from negativity and embrace positive energy by attending and participating in events and workshops. Retreat yourself. You deserve "me time."


Therapy - Identify life barriers and participate in therapeutic events and activities to treat trauma and practice healthier habits. Network and socialize. It's therapy in disguise.


Zooming Moms, Inc. is an exclusive MOTHER-SISTERhood where we will evolve together. 

A Message From
Our Founder

Welcome to Zooming Moms, Incorporated.

A place for YOU to explore life OUTSIDE of YOUR comfort zone!

We encourage & challenge YOU to BE YOU in PUBLIC.


I created Zooming Moms, Inc. to pull myself out of a dark place. I went into premature labor and loss my fraternal twins Asha (son) & Belle (Daughter) two days after my 29th birthday. I found myself stuck in bed feeling like I had no more purpose in life. I had achieved many goals, but I felt like my biggest goal, which was to become a mother was snatched away from me in the blink of an eye. I had recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018 and Scleroderma in 2019 which is how I found out I was pregnant with twins. It was my very first pregnancy ever.

10 months later, the Lord blessed my husband and me with our rainbow baby Logic who was also born premature. Our son spent 43 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We were grateful for our new chapter in life; however, reality became challenging to bear mentally, emotionally and physically. I was trying my best to manage multiple chronic illnesses, grieve the loss of our twins, heal from my second premature labor and first emergency c-section, cope with resigning from my director position, deal with family and friend estrangement while trying to move into our new home and adapt to a new environment during our first pandemic. We did not have any relatives or friends near by. We had to learn how to be our own village.

I attempted to find a tribe of moms with similar experiences and aspirations like me through social media groups and my son's early intervention program; however, just like in my younger days, I did not fit in. I was getting kicked out and excluded from events more than welcomed in, so I found my courage and confidence then I rediscovered my creativity so I could create my own social support club, Zooming Moms, Incorporated.


Zooming Moms became an outlet for me to be myself and a resource to build a crew of accountability partners, a crew of supportive women who have similar experiences and are seeking similar outcomes in life. I designed Zooming Moms, Inc. as the FIRST Global 501(c)(7) Non-Profit Social Support Club to focus on Motherhood, Mental Health, and Momprenuership because I believe those are three main areas that need to be addressed more in the world. I felt and feel so alone in my motherhood journey, unsure about my mental health and overwhelmed as a momprenuer. If I have these experiences and feelings I believe there are others in the world with similar experiences and feelings too, so why not take the initiative to manage a Global Social Support Club and navigate a MOMship for ALL women to have a place where they can feel comfortable being themselves, feel comfortable networking, feel comfortable socializing and simply feel comfortable stepping outside their comfort zone to unite and evolve with other women from different walks of life from around the world?

I believe Zooming Moms, Inc. is a great blueprint for each one to teach one and each one to support one before, during and after storms we may encounter in life.

It's definitely therapy in disguise and so much more.

I encourage and challenge women to show up for themselves and others.

It's possible to be a mother and still live out your wildest dreams.


Take the risk in believing it's possible with us.

Turn HERstory, which can be YOUR story into History with us.

If you're looking to evolve consider joining our MOMship Membership.


Thank you for visiting our website.


Founder & Captain Executive Officer (CEO)

State: Massachusetts Region: Northeast

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Meet Our Founding Crew Members


Rosie Bass, MBA


State: California
Region: West

Rosie is a mother to three children, two boys and one girl. Rosie joined Zooming Moms' Private Support Group through Facebook on August 28, 2021. She became a Founding Member for Zooming Moms' Social & Recreational MOMship Club on September 1, 2021. 

Fun Fact: The term MOMship was introduced by Rosie and adopted into the Zooming Moms community to reference the life-long membership to a mother-sisterhood like no other.

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Sharon Robinson


State: New York
Region: Northeast

Sharon is the mother of one child, one daughter. Sharon became a member of Zooming Moms' Private Support Group through Facebook on July 31, 2021. She became a Founding Member for Zooming Moms' Social & Recreational MOMship Club on September 10, 2021.

Fun Fact:
 Sharon posted and shared so much in the group about her TLC business, Nay thought she was a troll or spammer until she accepted to join in on one of the virtual events. Sharon has since, participated in many virtual events and sessions.

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Kenyanda Reddy


State: California
Region: West

Kenyanda is a mother of three children, two boys & one girl. Kenyanda joined Zooming Moms' Private Support Group through Facebook on November 18, 2021. She became a Founding Member for Zooming Moms' Social & Recreational MOMship Club on September 11, 2021. 

Fun Fact:
 Nay and Kenyanda met in Los Angeles California in 2014. Nay was a regular passenger on Kenyanda's metro bus, so they eventually exchanged words then contact information. They reconnected on Facebook in 2020 when Kenyanda purchased a Labor & Delivery shirt set for she and her new baby girl.

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